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Marble Falls Encourages Business Growth

It’s pretty obvious that business is booming in Marble Falls.  The sales tax report that came out yesterday reflects that, with our third straight month of double-digit percentage increases year-over-year.  (Here is a copy of my presentation that outlines this and several other things.)  There seem to be multiple grand openings, ribbon cuttings, construction permits pulled, and announcements made every week.  All of this activity creates a lot of excitement (typically positive) and gives rise to the “What else should come to Marble Falls?” question.  This is the focus of today’s blog.

Marble Falls Sales Tax Analysis – January 2017

The latest sales tax report was released by the Comptroller this morning, and Marble Falls is kicking off the new year in style. The January 2017 report, which reflects sales from November 2016, was up 7.12% over the same period last year and set a new record for a January report.

Marble Falls Economic Snapshot - Dec 13, 2016

With the level of interest in my social media post last week about sales tax in Marble Falls, I thought it would be a good time to provide updates on a few other economic indicators as well. The timing of information releases makes this a little bit difficult, but I’ll use the 12-month period ending in September as my window since we have sales tax, building data, and hotel data through that time period.

I’m Thankful for Marble Falls

In this season of Thanksgiving, I’ve seen a lot of posts on social media that have communicated the things that cause us to be thankful. Perhaps my favorite is the simple but effective “Thankful for Us” campaign on Facebook. Like many, my thanks begin with my family—for them, I count my blessings every day—but I’m also thankful for every step in the process that got us to where we are today.

Marble Falls Hotel and Conference Center Update (Aug 24, 2016)

Last November, I posted a blog about the EDC’s role in several Downtown development projects, namely the hotel and conference center. Since that time, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to the framework of the overall project, but there are some updates to share.

Wanted: More Manufacturing in Marble Falls

We are a scenic town known for our lakes, golf, summer camps, and Pie Happy Hour, in search of a financially fit manufacturing firm (or firms) to help us expand our horizons. We’ve enjoyed growth in retail, healthcare, and construction, but some industrial variety will help us get to the next level as a community. If you employ between ten and twenty good, honest people and could benefit from easy access to Austin, San Antonio, and all other parts of Texas, then give us a call. We’d like to kick off Phase III of our Business & Technology Park with an extension of roads and utilities to accommodate a business like yours. All inquiries are welcome.

Marble Falls Community Values

I’m pumped.  Thanks to Midge Dockery—the Marble Falls EDC’s indispensable business development coordinator—and some delicious coffee and scones from Numinous, my Friday morning got off to a great start with an accountability roundtable facilitated by Sam Silverstein, a renowned author and speaker.  About two dozen community leaders met at MFISD’s Central Office to talk about non-negotiable core values, as well as the importance of both transactional responsibilities that focus on things and true, bold leadership that prio

Marble Falls Economic Update

Reports released this week illustrate that the economy in Marble Falls continues to be strong.


If you use social media, I would encourage you to take a look at and support the Marble Falls Chamber's new campaign designed to stimulate interest in all the good things going on in town these days. By using hashtags, users across multiple platforms can network, share, and participate in a grassroots promotional effort for the benefit of residents and tourists alike.

Marble Falls Housing Highlights

Yesterday afternoon, I had the honor of participating in a housing forum hosted by the Hill Country Builders Association. Overall, I had very good news to share about housing activity—sales and new builds—throughout the Highland Lakes region. Highlights include nearly 1,200 homes and 450 lots sold in Burnet and Llano Counties in 2015, as well as 550 permits pulled for new residential construction.