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Marble Falls: Economic Report Card for 2015

While we won’t know about the full calendar year until the February sales tax report is released with December sales, we do have a variety of other indicators that can help us gauge current economic conditions in Marble Falls.

Downtown Marble Falls Projects

With growing interest in the Downtown revitalization plans in Marble Falls, I thought it would be a good time to share some information, address some concerns, and clear up some misconceptions.

Quick Poll: How Did You First Hear About Marble Falls?

Yesterday, I was on a conference call with a digital marketing consultant, and she asked how people found us.  Of course, she meant the EDC, and she inquired about what search terms people most often used to land on our web site.

Marble Falls Housing Survey Results

Over the last couple of months, we have been gathering information about housing needs, wants, and challenges in Marble Falls. We created a one-page survey that was sent to the employees of our two largest employers, Marble Falls ISD and the Baylor Scott & White Hospital. As of this morning, we have received 428 responses that have affirmed some of our concerns, offered pleasant surprises, and provided new insight. Here are some of the highlights...

Marble Falls EDC Ties Projects to Future Goals

Last week, I attended the Texas Economic Development Council’s Annual Conference in Dallas. As usual, there were some great sessions, but one that stood out in particular was entitled “Are You Future Ready?” Rebecca Ryan, founder and owner of Next Generation Consulting, was the presenter, and she asked some compelling questions for the audience and the organizations we represent to ponder.

10 Observations about the Marble Falls Community Survey

Over the last couple of months, Marble Falls residents and stakeholders were given the opportunity to share their opinions about the community and its priorities through the process of updating our Comprehensive Plan. General questions about quality of life, services, taxes, and more were accompanied by requests to rank specific amenities (existing and proposed) in priority order. While survey information is still being processed by the consultant and converted into narratives, charts, and graphs, we were given a sneak peek at the raw data. Here are some of the things I found most interesting.

Burnet County Gains Households, Wealth

Recently-released migration data indicates that people moving into Burnet County are substantially wealthier than those who are moving out. From 2012 to 2013, the 1,405 households that left Burnet County had an average household income of $59,745, while the 1,631 households that moved into the county had an average household income of $103,579.

Marble Falls EDC Releases New Video

With all of the media attention surrounding the videos from Friday's football game in which two San Antonio Jay players targeted an official, I wondered about the timing of releasing a new Marble Falls video.  Even though the Marble Falls players behaved admirably in the midst of so much chaos, I don't like the way that Marble Falls has been brought, by extension, into the controversy.  I'm ready for some good news, and I'm anxious to shift the conversation to all the good things that are happening in Marble Falls right now.

Marble Falls ISD Is off to a Great Start

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Marble Falls ISD’s new superintendent, Dr. Chris Allen, for an introductory discussion about vision, partnerships, and community. Also present at the meeting were school board president and vice president, Rick Edwards and Kevin Naumann, respectively, and Bill Rives from the Chamber of Commerce.

New Position at the Marble Falls EDC

This fall, the Marble Falls EDC will welcome a new Business Development Coordinator to our team. With the upcoming retirement of our beloved Rose, we will be searching for a qualified individual to handle her responsibilities and take on a few more.