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Marketing Marble Falls

Lately, I’ve had a lot of conversations about how Marble Falls is marketed. The majority originates with solicitations for advertising and questions about the EDC’s marketing plan. Some of the discussions are about how Marble Falls compares to peer communities in terms of visibility. Other conversations are about who our “target audience” is. The answers to these questions will typically follow the theme of “It depends.” I’ll attempt to provide a better map of the landscape below.

Quick Poll: Marble Falls Population

The Development Services Department for the City of Marble Falls recently compiled some population estimates based on Texas State Data Center information, as well as active residential meters and occupancy rates.

Marble Falls Commercial Projects Update

Every so often, I like to step back from the action and take an inventory of projects that are under construction in Marble Falls. So, for today's blog, I'll feature some photos of commercial projects that I took this afternoon and provide an update on progress for those who are interested. (Full disclosure: I also wanted an excuse to get outside for awhile because it is sunny and 75 degrees in January.)

Marble Falls Housing Forecast

Last week, I had the privilege of serving as a panelist at the Hill Country Builders Association Housing Forecast. Since I’ve had several requests for the material I presented, I thought I would share my notes in today’s blog.

2014 Year-in-Review: Marble Falls Continues Progress

Is it just me, or did 2014 absolutely fly by? I cannot believe that I’ve written more than 25 blogs since I provided the 2013 recap. The good news is that, as great a year as 2013 was, 2014 was even better—and 2015 shows immense promise. This is an amazing time to be in an amazing place.

Numbers Alone Don’t Tell the Whole Story in Marble Falls

On the surface, the sales tax report released by the Comptroller last week was pretty startling for Marble Falls. The December 2014 report showed a decrease of 16.64% from the December 2013 report, meaning that October sales were miserable for Marble Falls merchants, right? In response, I’ll borrow a line from Lee Corso, who likes to say: “Not so fast, my friend.”

Thanksgiving and Giving Tuesday

In this season of Thanksgiving, we should all take time to consider our blessings, give thanks, and give back. While Black Friday and Cyber Monday--as well as Pre-Black Friday, Black-Friday-Week, and Small Business Saturday--are good for business, Giving Tuesday is good for the community.

Marble Falls EDC Update - Nov 18, 2014

Here is my semi-annual report to City Council.

Need a Facelift? Let the EDC Help

Attention Marble Falls Business Owners:

If you would like to spruce up your property, expand your operations, repave a parking lot, or remodel your building, you should consider the Marble Falls EDC's BIG (Business Improvement Grant) Program.

Quick Poll: Marble Falls Waterfront

Friends, Marble Fallsians, countrymen, lend us your ideas...