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The Time to Invest in Marble Falls Is Now

If you have ever considered investing in Marble Falls, now is the time to pull your money off the sidelines and put it into play. For starters, there has never been a more economically prosperous time in our community’s history. We announced last week that gross sales during the First Quarter of 2014 established a new record. Taxable sales over the last twelve months total more than $354 million—again, this is the highest number ever recorded in Marble Falls. There is an abundance of available real estate. Land prices, while not inexpensive, have not increased in the last decade. Interest rates continue to be artificially low to encourage investment. There are many factors—local, regional, and national—that contribute to this being a wise time to invest.

Marble Falls EDC Moves Downtown, Parks, and Workforce Projects Forward

Last week’s EDC board meeting covered many of the projects that are occupying our time and energy these days, and illustrated the dynamism and scope of our efforts. The meeting began with an update from Baylor Scott & White Hill Country Region President Eric Looper, as well as a check presentation for the second installment of the 5-year performance agreement between the hospital and the EDC.

Educational Partners Are the Foundation of Marble Falls’s Future

Last week, I had the privilege of attending a function in Fredericksburg that laid out the future for the Texas Tech regional sites in the Hill Country. TTU’s Provost, Dr. Lawrence Schovanec, and the TTU Vice-Provost for Worldwide eLearning, Dr. Melanie Hart, gave presentations that covered all levels of Texas Tech’s goals as a university, including those applicable the regional sites in Marble Falls (Highland Lakes), Fredericksburg, and Junction. It was both refreshing and exciting to hear about Texas Tech’s commitment to the Hill Country and to growing the programs here.

Economic Impact of Tourism on Marble Falls

In the wake of last weekend’s Lakefest (pun intended), I thought it would be a good time to examine the economic impact of tourism on Marble Falls. While many locals bemoan the hassles and inconveniences caused by the boat races or other tourist activities, I would argue that Marble Falls would be an oppressively expensive place to live without tourism dollars.

Quick Poll: Marble Falls Activities

In this week's blog entry, I'd like to get some feedback from you...

Marble Falls Real Estate Report

Every couple of months, I like to cover some of the key projects and trends in Marble Falls. In this installment of the blog, I’ll focus on what is happening in real estate in the area.

Downtown Marble Falls Opportunities

Last week, the EDC finalized the transactions related to the Downtown Real Estate Project. Our next step will be to kick off the project plan and scope with a workshop after tomorrow’s regular board meeting.

TEDC Mid-Year Conference Recap

Last week, I attended the Texas Economic Development Council’s Mid-Year Conference in San Antonio. While this and other TEDC events always provide a good opportunity to get together with fellow economic developers from across the state and learn about the latest issues, I was particularly impressed by the array of speakers and topics this year. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the Marble Falls EDC received an Economic Excellence Recognition from TEDC for the second year in a row.

Marble Falls Community Needs Survey

You can call this week’s blog an exercise in social media outreach (fun, open-ended question) or a copout (I have been completely swamped the last several days). What I would like to know, as we begin the budgeting process for 2014-2015, is...

Marble Falls Progress Report

I’ll focus the first part of this blog entry on what’s happening around Marble Falls, and I’ll conclude with some thoughts about how progress can affect a community.