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Marble Falls Hospital Changing the Game

I had the privilege of attending a Baylor Scott & White Hospital reception at the Horseshoe Bay Yacht Club last night. In attendance were physicians, administrators, major donors, and other supporters of healthcare in the Hill Country. Representatives from Scott & White’s philanthropic and management team provided an update on the project, and several patients and caregivers offered testimonials about the level of care that is developing in the region.

A Catalyst for Downtown Marble Falls

Last week, the Marble Falls EDC Board of Directors voted to send a Downtown real estate acquisition project to City Council for their approval. The EDC published notice on April 1 to begin a 60-day clock during which a sales tax bond package will be submitted to the Office of the Attorney General for their approval. If all goes according to plan, the EDC would receive about $4 million in bond proceeds in early June and close on several properties in the Downtown area with the intent of paving the way for some development to connect our historic Main Street area with Lake Marble Falls.

Marble Falls Area Migration

Inspired by a great infographic by the Austin Business Journal on where new residents are moving, I thought I would look at what was happening in the Marble Falls area. The data source for these inquiries is the American Community Survey 2012 5-year estimates, which compiles nearly a thousand data sets at the census-tract level. In the Austin MSA, this means that hundreds of neighborhoods are measured; by contrast, there are a total of eight census tracts in Burnet County, so entire cities and large unincorporated areas are the narrowest geographic identifier we can manage when looking at migration trends.

Marble Falls Talent Profile: The Homeyers

When considering the most significant events in Marble Falls over the course of the last decade, the flood of 2007 has to rank at or near the top of that list. While many challenges arose in the flood’s aftermath, one very bright spot has to be the addition of Matt and Kelley Homeyer to our community. Matt was called as the Pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church in June of 2007—they moved to town just three days after the “rain bomb” hit our area.

Economic Impact of Construction in Marble Falls

Is it just me, or is Marble Falls hopping these days? Traffic volumes have increased, sales continue to be strong, and new buildings are popping up everywhere. More than $83.7 million worth of projects have been permitted by the City of Marble Falls in the last four months, and several more developments are currently in the planning stages.

Marble Falls Talent Profile: The Nashes

For the last 10 years, Ryan and Stacey Nash have been sharing their homegrown talents with the Marble Falls community. The couple is part of an increasing number of Marble Falls High School graduates who have chosen to return to operate businesses and lead our city into its next stages of growth and development.

Build Marble Falls

Last week, the Marble Falls City Council approved a housing incentive program designed to spur new residential construction in the city of Marble Falls. The program calls for the waiver of all permit fees and tap fees collected by the Development Services department for the remainder of 2014. In conjunction with the much lower impact fees the City approved several months ago, the time to build a new home in Marble Falls has never been better.

Marble Falls Talent Profile: The Plantes

If you’ve been to the Blue Bonnet Café in the last several years, you’ve likely seen Dave Plante running around the restaurant, seating people or running a register. If you’ve heard about the great things happening at the Blue Bonnet, it was likely a result of his wife, Lindsay, and her marketing work.

2013 Marble Falls Year-In-Review

2013 was a banner year for the Marble Falls economy.  Gentle increases in taxable sales in 2011 and 2012 were superseded by record-breaking numbers in 2013.  Hotel receipts, already strong in 2011 and 2012, broke more records in 2013.  Building permits and valuations increased steadily through the year, bolstered by small projects related to an April hail storm and large projects like the Hurd Regional Medical Center, retail redevelopment, and new housing.  You’ll find some of the many highlights for the EDC and our community below.

Marble Falls Talent Profile: The Ritchies

In just over a decade in Marble Falls, Dr. Greg and Dr. Mendy Ritchie have had a profound impact on the community.  From their purchase of Dr. Paul Pearce’s dental practice in 2001, to multiple community service projects and activities, to the expansion of their practice and the collection of numerous awards and accolades, the Ritchies’ hard work and leadership have made Marble Falls a better place.