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Marble Falls Talent Profile: The Ritchies

In just over a decade in Marble Falls, Dr. Greg and Dr. Mendy Ritchie have had a profound impact on the community.  From their purchase of Dr. Paul Pearce’s dental practice in 2001, to multiple community service projects and activities, to the expansion of their practice and the collection of numerous awards and accolades, the Ritchies’ hard work and leadership have made Marble Falls a better place.

Economic Snapshot – Marble Falls

Every couple of months, I like to offer some insights on the Marble Falls economy.  Not only does new information become available, but a growing and dynamic community such as ours will reflect the influences of many factors and trends, both internal and external.  While our sales tax allocations have been very good, a deeper dive reveals an even stronger economy than what we’ve reported so far this year.

Marble Falls Talent Profile: The McCarys

Meet Mark and Mandy McCary

Marble Falls EDC Projects Update

There is a lot happening in Marble Falls these days, and the EDC is proud to be a part of several of these projects.

November Elections Overview for Marble Falls, TX

Early voting began yesterday for several bond initiatives, both local and statewide.  Below are some thoughts on how your votes will relate to economic development.

Constitutional Amendments

For a few of the potential amendments to the Texas Constitution on the November ballot, you will be asked to vote with your heart.  A few more are items meant to “clean up” the Constitution, but the big deal—for both the state and the Highland Lakes—is No. 6, which relates to the State Water Implementation Fund.

IEDC Annual Conference Recap

Today is my second-to-last day in Philadelphia at the International Economic Development Council's Annual Conference.  While it was very muggy this weekend--hotter than Texas, in fact--the weather is now appropriately fall-like.

The sessions have been good: I've learned about other communities' efforts in blending the arts and culture with economic development, I've heard about successful partnerships with community colleges, I've toured areas that are benefiting from redevelopment of their waterfront, and more.

Marble Falls Excels in Construction, Retail, and Financial Services Sectors

If you’re a regular reader of this blog (thank you, regular reader!), you know that I’m a data hound.  I love uncovering numbers, factors, trends, and comparisons to substantiate our understanding of Marble Falls.  After all, our community is notorious for avoiding labels and stereotypes—there is no “typical city” box that can contain Marble Falls—so we must peel back some layers to get past the city-limit sign that reads “Marble Falls, POP. 6077.”

Burnet County, Marble Falls ISD Lead Region

A couple of recent reports put Marble Falls and Burnet County in some pretty select company.  We’ll start with some business and wrap up with some education.

10 Reasons We’re the Best City Near Austin to Open a Business

Why is Marble Falls such a great place to do business?  We’ll start with a surface-scratching list of ten reasons why we excel at solving the live, work, and play formula.

1. Highland Lakes Hub

“I hate the Highland Lakes,” said No One Ever.  If Texas is the best state in the greatest nation, and the Hill Country is Texas’s sweet spot, and the Highland Lakes is the best part of the Hill Country, and Marble Falls is the hub of the Highland Lakes, then we’re in some pretty select company.

Downtown TIF Zone Update

“The downtown is the only part of the city that belongs to everybody.  It doesn’t matter where you may find your home; the downtown is yours, too.  Investing in the downtown of a city is the only place-based way to benefit all of its citizens at once.” Jeff Speck, Walkable City

Where Are We with the Downtown TIF Zone?