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A Few Highlights from the TEDC Annual Conference

I just got back from the Texas Economic Development Council's Annual Conference in Austin, where I was reminded how fortunate we are to be in Texas and how blessed we are to have the members and leadership of TEDC blazing the way to even greater prosperity.

The conference was not all fluff and optimism, but rather a good balance between new data, techniques, best practices, lessons learned, and cautionary tales.  We heard from thought leaders on a variety of topics, and we used the time between sessions to discuss what was happening in each of our communities.

Retaining, Creating, Reinvesting Wealth in City

Welcome to the new Director's Blog, where I hope to connect some of the dots between the data we provide on this web site, the programs and projects we undertake, and impacts to the local community. My first entry should serve as a general primer for economic development and provide some background for the work being done at the Marble Falls EDC. Most of what you'll see below is a recapitulation of a column that I wrote in the August 31, 2012 edition of The Highlander.